Monday, 15 January 2018

Old McDonald sing along version

Year 4 children are still in the eTwinning project. Today we are going to participate in a live event with children from different countries. We are going to sing this song together!


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Easy Darth Vader Bookmarks

You know how much I like Star Wars, my dear students, and some of you do it too! I've found this Vader bookmarks surfing the net today. Why don't you try to do it during the Christmas holidays? I think I will!

The last Jedi video lesson

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

e-Twinning project year 4

Another activity was singing Christmas songs in our own language. Watch the children singing M'agrada el Nadal.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Sunday, 26 November 2017

eTwinning project presentation (year4)


This end of term both year 4 A and B are participating in another interesting eTwinning project. It's about music in Europe and the next weeks we'll be posting the activities we'll do.

The first activity we were asked for was a presentation of the group and the school so, here you are!